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What's Campfire Stories?

Spooky tales delivered right to your Alexa, that's what it is! 

Dim the lights, grab the s'mores, and listen closely to a creepy story guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat. Campfire Stories is an all-new way to experience stories. Some of them are simple, but others require you to make hair-raising choices, changing how your story is told. In short: you listen to the story and the story listens to you.

If you're feeling brave or craving something spooky, ask your Alexa for "Campfire Stories." The skill will take care of the rest. Be quick though! A new story is told every week and we'd hate for you to miss out. (Of course, if you do, that's why we have the archives!)

Thank you.

Enjoy at your own risk.

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Blue Campfire strives to create some of the most original and spooky experiences one can find. This includes all ends of the spectrum, from new smart-speaker technology (Amazon Alexa and Google Home) to traditional printed and published fiction. It's a unique approach to the storytelling method; one that is ahead of the curve as much as it is under the skin. 


The products we hope to create and inspire push this mission forward day after day. The stories and services seen here are not here to make money, but sadly, it's needed so we can keep our stories and services here.


While it's impossible to tell how many homes and hands these stories may reach, we will try to keep on going with however many pennies we have left. The world can be unkind to new creators and new ideas... and that may never change either. However, as with any campfire story or haunted house, things are always a little less scary with a few friends by your side.

If you'd like to become a friend, feel free to buy us a coffee on ko-fi.

Thank you. Stay Spooky.