Abandoned Home




The Midnight Book is a voice-driven story-sharing service set on changing the way users discover and experience interactive stories, and a spiritual successor to our older project "Campfire Stories". Whether it is a traditional tale reminiscent of the ones told over a campfire in summer or a more adventurous branching narrative, listeners of all ages continue to tune in. 

Our skills have received wide-spread recognition, including a featured position on the Voiceflow Showcase. Our popularity has been rising exponentially since our launch in March 2019. Over 500 new users download the application every month and our skills sits at 4.5 stars on the Amazon Skill Store.

We encourage you to try our skill for yourself if you'd like the full experience.

Enjoy at your own risk.


Blue Campfire

℅ Nicholas Falduto​

1011 Arlington Blvd

Apt. 209

Arlington, VA 22209-2200


If you would like to reach out to us, please make use of the contact form. While we prefer email for immediate responses, you can find our physical address listed on this page. 


Sadly we can no longer be contacted through the use of a spirit board. We are not held responsible for any harm to befall you if you choose to do so.


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