Leave the waking world of the surface on a quest inside the deepest cavern, seeking the answer to mysteries beyond our understanding. Light your way through bending passageways enduring the deranged and monstrous world that’s been hiding beneath your feet. Be warned explorers, the unseen consequences of your decisions will add up, and the greatest journey of your life may come at the cost of your own.

Calamity of Choices: Challenge yourself against a limitless array of mysterious creatures, dangerous terrains, and unpredictable explorers. A simple “Yes” or “No” will be the difference between life and death. Choose wisely.

Endless Ends: Explore through the tearing fabrics of reality with each meter you descend. A cosmically infinite number of odds assures that no two journeys can ever be alike.

Delicate Dilemmas: Strategize your next move. Recall some of your traversed distance and restore your health or, keep going forward braving whatever horror will come next.

There's a cave as old as time itself,

deeper than the laws of nature should allow.


Endless are the mysteries that surround it,

as endless as those who yearn to solve them.

Some say there's a treasure at the bottom,

worth more than a thousand lifetimes.

 Others fear it's where the Old Gods sleep,

never intended to be found by mankind.

All you know is that you're going down,

down to find whatever hides at the bottom.

Be strong, in body, and mind.

Your journey down the Crooked Cavern awaits.

© 2020 by BlueCampfire. 

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