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"Are You Ready?"

Well, are you?

Only a few people believed James when what happened... happened. But, even they stopped believing after a certain point. I wonder if it'll be the same for you.

James has always had a reputation for stretching the truth. Some of his teachers would call him "imaginative" and "very creative". You know, flowery words in place of being called the class fibber.

When it came time to come back to school, James had something in his hand. It was something very strange for a sixth-grader. It was the sort of thing that made people wonder just where he got it.

It was a note. A very old note on paper that looked like it had been stained with coffee or tea. He showed it to all of his friends, reading the message aloud for them all. It read: "Are you ready lil' James?"

Ready for what exactly? Well, James didn't know. Neither did any of his friends, but knowing James, this was probably just another fib of his. He found an old piece of paper and wrote on it with scratchy letters. Mystery solved, right?

Well, for the few friends that did believe him. They asked him how he got the note to begin with. He said someone slid it under his front door. He didn't know who... or why... but whoever it was, they didn't leave any footprints.

Rightfully creeped out, they told him to keep the note safe and tell a parent. Of course, James didn't, and the next day, he arrived with another strange note. This one read: "I hope you're ready lil' James!"

James swore he wasn't making these letters up. They were real! Really real! And someone... or something... slid it under his bedroom door this time!

That was the last straw for just about everyone. No one just slides a creepy note under a bedroom door. James, for whatever reason, was just trying to seek attention.

He pleaded to his friends to believe him. His voice cracked and he genuinely looked worried too. The only one who kept believing him was his friend Rachel, but she would believe in anything.

Her friends told her to stop believing James. James never told the truth. For the first time, she listened. So, when James arrived at school the next day with another note, Rachel didn't buy it. She told him that she wasn't going to listen to him or his weird note.

She was serious. But so was James. He showed her the note anyway, and it read: "It's time, lil' James." This note was shoved under his door too, just like all the others. Except for this time, the note came from his closet door.

Rachel put her foot down, and said he didn't believe him. That is, until she returned home from school and opened the front door. Her foot stepped on something crunchy. There, beneath her shoe, was a note that read: "Are you ready lil' Rachel."


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