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The Cold Window

Sometimes, all it takes it one little message written on a window to brighten someone's day... or worse.

As far as my favorite seasons go, winter is definitely in the bottom four. There's something so lonely about it. On most days, the sun won't come out from behind the clouds; not even for a second, just to say "Hi!"

Katie was on her winter break. This year, it's scheduled to be a whole month. Pretty sweet, right? Well, not really.

Given the crummy circumstances, none of her friends could come over to watch videos or share secrets. And while it was fun staying in her room, it started getting stale by the fifth day. That's when she blew a warm breath on her ice-cold window and wrote what she was feeling on the window. It was two words: "I'm Bored."

She went to bed that night and slept just fine. When she woke up, everything was just as she left it. Well, almost everything.

On the window, her little message had faded, and another message took its place. It read, "Hi Bored. How are you?"

I'm not gonna lie, Katie thought it was pretty funny. It had to be her dad who wrote that message. I mean, com' on, only dads are capable of making jokes like that. So, before bed, Katie wrote another message on the foggy glass. "Bored is feeling bored."

She bit down on the dry spot on her lip, trying to hide her smile. It was a pretty clever comeback, especially for a fifth-grader. And with all the lights out, she went to bed.

That night, it snowed and snowed. Even after Katie woke up, it was like someone took a big white brush and painted over the town. Everything was bright like a crystal. The trees even had icicles dangling from them like bats.

I know what you're thinking. You want to know what was written on the window. Written out in faded letters was one more message: it read, "Then come out and play!" with a big exclamation point.

Funny. Katie swore her dad had a meeting this morning, but if he wanted a snowball fight in the yard, Katie was gonna give it to him. She scurried down the stairs, threw on her jacket and boots, and called to her Dad. She said something about how he was going to get snowballed to death. But, her dad didn't know what she was talking about.

"The message on my window," Katie said. "You wrote that you'd play outside with me."

Dad just shook his head and said he didn't leave any message. A little confused, Katie ran back up the stairs and into her room. There, on the window, she could make out only a few of the letters. She went to scrub one off, but... nothing happened. Nothing could. The letters were on the other side.


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