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The Spirit Bell

Did you know that the earliest ghost sighting was in 856 A.D.? It was inside a farmhouse. Something was going around making loud noises and starting fires. It's nice knowing not much has changed since then.

This story is about two girls. No one knows exactly how old they were. They were old enough for one of them, Lauren, to have a boyfriend and the other, Dana, to be trusted with the house alone at night.

Lauren was supposed to be on a date that night. Apparently, it was all she talked about for the whole week. Dana had different plans.

Resting on the living room carpet was an old brass hand bell. A spirit bell to be exact. If you know what that is, then you must be the type person who likes talking to ghosts. Dana was the same. She almost liked it a little too much.

The rules of the spirit bell were simple.

"Just hold the bell in your hand, ask a question, and if the answer is yes, the bell will ring on its own," said Dana.

Lauren didn't believe her at first. It seemed like a dumb reason to pull her from her date, but then Dana held the bell in her hand and asked a question.

She asked if anyone was there with them. And then, nothing happened. Lauren giggled thinking it was just a joke. But then the air grew cold, as cold as prickly snow, and chimed echoed through the room.

The bell was as still as the grave, but someone... something was making it ring.

Dana asked a few more questions. She asked if she had a past life. A moment later, it rang. She asked if there was someone at school who liked her. A moment passed, and again, it rang. Most of all, she asked if she was going to pass all her classes this year. Right on cue, the bell rang.

Lauren couldn't believe it! She almost begged Dana to tell her just how she made the bell ring like that, but a piece of her wanted to try it for herself.

The bell felt heavy in her palm, but fragile like glass. Now that it was in her hand, she didn't know what to ask it. All that was on her mind was the date waiting for her that night.

She asked the bell something simple first. "Am I going to get married one day?"

At first, the bell was quiet. Quiet it remained as the seconds turned into a solid minute. The bell didn't ring... and that meant no.

"Okay, well, is my date gonna go well tonight?" she asked.

Both girls waited, and again, the bell didn't ring. Lauren bit her lip and asked one more question. The real question that had been on her mind since she woke up that day. "Is my date gonna kiss me tonight?"

The bell didn't ring.

The next question Lauren had was pinned towards Dana. "Is this some kind of sick joke," she asked. After all, Lauren was late to her date thanks to her, and maybe that was Dana's plan all along.

Dana said all she could. She swore to her bones that it wasn't a prank, but it didn't matter. Lauren made up her mind, slammed the door behind her, and left for her date on her bike.

Dana spent the rest of her night alone, feeling terrible. She worried about Lauren until the clock struck ten. Something didn't feel right, so she cradled the bell, and asked if Lauren... was in danger?

The bell rang.

Her heart dropped into her stomach. It sat there like lead as she grabbed her phone and dialed Lauren. The phone rang and rang. Then came a click!

Lauren's voice crackled through.

Dana told her about what the bell said. It was right.

Not long before she called, Lauren hit a divot in the road. The chain to her bike split in two. Her back broke most of her fall, but there a funny sound came from her ankle whenever she tried to walk.

Dana begged Lauren to wait there so she could come get her, but after a bit of static and silence, Lauren said she didn't need any help. She said a car had pulled over to help her.

"I'll call you once I get to my date, okay?" she said.

"Okay," Dana sighed.

Lauren never called her that night.

No one could find her or her bike either.


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