Submission Guidelines

What is a Campfire Story?

Our stories are the sort of tales you'd hear around a campfire on a starry night. They are stories that are as quick and unusual as they are frightening.

Stories dripping with frights and chills (rather than shocks and terrors) are more inclined to find a home in our publication, but we are open to new concepts; so long as they are suitable for readers and listeners ages ten and up. 

By adopting smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo into our publication model, our stories aren't just read, but performed in a genuine fireside manner. Based on recent projections, 75% of households are expected to own at least one smart device by 2020. This also allows us to engage our listeners with custom sound cues and eerie melodies tailored exclusively to your story.

With our help, your creative vision can diverge from the general reading experience and explore interactive storytelling in a brand new medium!


Our friend Campfire Master Judi is looking for stories no greater than 800 words. It's best if your story falls in line with the guidelines above so we can ensure ghosts of all ages can enjoy it. 

Submission Format

Your submission should be prepared as either a Microsoft Word (.doc) file or in Rich Text Format (.rtf). Don't forget to provide your email address so we can reach out to you regarding the next steps. Once you've looked over your story one last time, send it on over to 

(We are trying to save as many trees as possible. That being said, we don't accept printed submissions. Sorry!)


By submitting your story to Campfire Stories, you'll be accepting our Privacy Policy and offering us the right to first publication for your work in our chosen format(s); perpetual rights to publish the work thereafter across multiple editions and media either singularly or in combination with other works; and exclusive rights to the work for twelve (12) months from date of initial publication.

If you desire to contact us with questions or concerns, please do so on the "CONTACT" page.

Thank you.

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