Nicholas Falduto is an author, screenwriter, and creator of "Blue Campfire" and its many applications available on Alexa-enabled devices.


Best known for interactive fiction, Nicholas' work is streamed to over 15,309 devices in five countries. "Campfire Stories" and its innovative method of storytelling has been featured and endorsed on the Voiceflow Showcase.


In January 2020, Nicholas delivered a Creator Spotlight, discussing his accomplishments and insights into the awakening field of interactive storytelling. He later published "Daily Arcana", a service that took his highly-praised writing style and applied it to the self-help genre. 


In traditional fiction, his work has been adapted into short films, premiering at both the Garden State Film Festival and the Jersey Shore Short Film Festival with high praise.

With the notoriety of his talent climbing higher and higher, Nicholas continues to innovate in the storytelling landscape with a signature digital twist and develop long-form fiction for traditional publishers. 


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